2019 Partners

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EXL's operations teams, analytics experts, and care management technologies place us in a unique position to offer integrated and modular solutions to the healthcare industry. We provide innovative insights and strategies to manage the clinical, financial, quality and performance issues in today's healthcare environment. Through integrated program design based on extensive healthcare experience, EXL helps clients optimize outcomes, reduce costs and enhance revenue.

At GreatCall, we believe in creating innovative technology that helps seniors live independently and enjoy a better quality of life. Today, our remote monitoring platform is the industry’s only proven solution designed specifically for seniors and the people who care for them. Trusted by over 900,000 aging adults in the consumer market, our turnkey solution allows MCOs to achieve the triple aim of better health outcomes, lower costs, and better experiences.

Our Lively Home Solution helps senior members with chronic conditions live at home more safely. Our in-home sensors and predictive analytics capabilities detect changes in daily activities that could indicate potential health issues. Alerted to these changes, case managers can intervene early to prevent avoidable high-cost care, such as ER visits and hospitalizations.

Our Lively Mobile device increases senior members’ independence and satisfaction while reducing PMPM costs. Our mobile personal emergency response system (PERS) allows seniors to get the help they need in unsafe or uncertain situations. Lively Mobile also improves response times in an emergency, promoting better health outcomes.


HMS is Moving Healthcare Forward. HMS advances the healthcare system by helping payers reduce costs and improve health outcomes. Through our industry-leading technology, analytics and engagement solutions, we save billions of dollars annually while helping health plan members lead healthier lives. HMS provides a broad range of coordination of benefits, payment integrity, care management and member engagement solutions that help move the healthcare system forward.

Based in Irving, Texas, HMS has more than 2,500 employees in 25-plus offices across the country. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of HMS Holdings Corp., traded on NASDAQ (ticker: HMSY), and certified by HITRUST. Permedion, a wholly owned subsidiary of HMS, is a QIO-like entity, and is URAC-accredited for Independent Review Organization: External Review and Health Utilization Management. With the support of our leadership, we also promote social responsibility.


Supporting Organizations

Wellsource Inc. has been a premier provider of evidence-based health risk assessments (HRAs) and self-management tools for four decades. With a strong reputation for scientific research and validity, the company offers an innovative family of products that empower wellness companies, health plans, ACOs and healthcare providers to inspire healthy lifestyles, prevent disease and reduce unnecessary healthcare costs. Wellsource’s assessments connect lifestyle choices with healthy outcomes, measure readiness to change for maximum results and drive informed decisions with actionable data. For more information about Wellsource products, please visit www.wellsource.com or connect with Wellsource at [email protected]

CipherHealth is a leading technology partner providing scalable member engagement solutions that span the member journey. Our solutions help health plans meet HEDIS benchmarks by engaging targeted members, proactively addressing members' clinical and non-clinical barriers, and driving improvements with actionable data.

Decision Point is a member experience management company that brings holistic predictive analytics to everyday health plan decision-making. Our 360 Engagement Platform empowers health plans to understand and predict every facet of a member’s health experience, enabling effective targeting and impactful, holistic interventions. Decision Point aims to change the fundamentals of healthcare decision-making by predicting and acting on the entire member health experience, and delivering sustained improvements in outcomes across quality, utilization, satisfaction and retention domains.
For more information about Decision Point, please visit www.decisionpointhealth.com. www.decisionpointhealth.com

mPulse Mobile, the leader in mobile health engagement, drives improved health outcomes and business efficiencies by engaging individuals with tailored and meaningful dialogue. mPulse Mobile combines technology, analytics and industry expertise that helps healthcare organizations activate their consumers to adopt healthy behaviors.

With over 9 years of experience, 70+ Health Plan, Pharmacy and Wellness customers, and more than a hundred million messages sent annually, mPulse Mobile has the data, the experience and the technology to drive healthy behavior change.

Turn-Key Health, a subsidiary of Enclara Healthcare, serves health plans, provider organizations and their members who are experiencing a serious or advanced illness. Its Palliative Illness Management™ (PIM™) model introduces a new, innovative option to improve care quality, address costs and reduce burdens associated with life-limiting illnesses. Visit www.turn-keyhealth.com

TAVHealth, now part of the Signify Health family, improves health outcomes and quality of care by solving Social Determinants of Health (SDoH). With nine years of experience and three million SDoH members served, TAVHealth builds accountable and curated networks of community and health partners that use the secure TAVConnect platform to safely collaborate and coordinate social services.
TAVHealth has a history of proven, meaningful outcomes necessary for any successful SDoH solution. By connecting community activity to health, quality, and financial performance, we’ve achieved 30% reductions in 30-day readmissions for safety net populations, a 45% reduction in post-acute care spend, and increases to member satisfaction and retention rates.


A KLAS Leader in PHM and Clinical Data Integration, i2i partners with health organizations, providing bi-directional connectivity to over 2,500 Provider Sites (20+ million lives). i2i has the largest share of CHCs connected to a clinical data integration platform providing transparency to Health Plans and Providers, bringing claims and EHRs together.

Success in value-based care requires payers to engage high performing pharmacy networks, where pharmacists manage medication use to the fullest extent of their knowledge and training to improve health outcomes. Freeing up time for pharmacists to provide care that only they can provide—that’s why we’re introducing our vision of the Autonomous Pharmacy.